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The company seeks to support clients in matters related to the water resources engineering and environment assessment, integrated urban water management, risk management on water systems in sectors, such as water and sanitation, energy and environment, compliance with laws and knowledge transfer (training).

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Climate Change and Variability

RHAMA develops studies related to climate change and variability in support of decision in water resource management for navigation, hydropowers and overall uses.

Recent projects:
• Climate variability and soil use change in Parana river basin.
• Climate change assessment of Paraguay River for twenty one years for navigation using climate and hydrologic modeling.
• Hydrologic and climate forecasting model system assessment for Paraguay River.

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Energy, water supply, irrigation and other areas

RHAMA assists its clients with studies of water availability and sustainability, flow forecasting, climate scenario in rivers, environmental assessment of hydroelectric projects, emergency action plan, dam break analysis, hydroelectric inventory, water conflicts and other relevant matters related to hydrology, water quality studies of dams and hydraulic systems for water use.

Recent projects:
• Studies of emergency scenarios in dam break for different dam.
• Seasonal and real time flow forecast model for San Francisco.
• Flow forecasting operational system developed for some dams, integrating climate and hydrologic models.
• Assessment of water demand in Juquiá River.
• Inventory of hydropower capacity of Paraguay (country).

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Some segments of industry collect river water for use in their production process or they discharge effluents into nearby water bodies. The construction of a new plant requires the choice of the best location for its installation (in terms of water catchment and flood risk). Our industry solutions range from water availability analysis, effluent discharge and water quality simulation in water bodies and basins to flood simulation and EIS and EIR analysis. For pulp industry or agribusiness, we can develop soil moisture prediction studies, by which it is possible to estimate productivity and determine flood forecasts.

Recent projects:
• Flood analysis and waterline profile in the Tocantins River for industrial site of pulp factory.
• Water quantity and quality evaluation and management in a Petrochemical Complex.
• Flow conditions for water permits in Rio Grande do Sul.


Mining is an essential activity to produce a range of consumer goods and it must comply with environmental legislation. RHAMA conducts environmental studies for mining dams water safety conditions, including the emergency action plan and the dam break analysis, evaluation of the water quality and availability in rivers near the sites in operation, to protect the water quantity or quality in the region.

Recent projects:
• Water quality evaluation in a river due to mining effluent discharge.
• Studies of alternatives and water balance for Bauxite mining.
• Mathematical modeling, simulation of mining effluents and water quality studies in rivers.

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Public sector

RHAMA develops projects with municipalities, states and federal agencies. The studies are on urban waters, using integrated urban water management concepts, strategic and integrated flood assessment, drainage systems design and evaluation, as well as the cooperation with Civil Defense of municipalities and strategic infrastructure plans, water and sanitation conceptual strategies. The company develops water resources management, which includes the management plans elaboration, the river basin diagnosis, analysis and definition of strategies for water security and water availability with environmental agencies.

Recent projects:
• State flood management plan.
• Development of water security strategies.

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Real estate developments

Real estate development of large areas or expansion requires a conceptual an integrated assessment for water and environment in order to support the urban planning. Our expertise is to provide solutions involving water supply, sanitation, urban drainage and water environment and its integration on development plans of the projects.

Recent projects:
• Water, Sanitation and Drainage conceptual studies for real estate development in Florianópolis, SC.
• Conception of the urban waters (water supply, sewage and urban drainage and floods) of a new development in Porto Belo. SC.
• Hydrological studies for EIS elaboration of a project in Gamboa, SC.

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