Hidrological Models

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They allow, among other solutions, the scenario analysis and the prediction of a phenomena.

Main conrainer


We are committed to developing solutions that address the immediate needs of the customers and which guarantee long-term sustainability. We are known for high technical capacity and ability to create and consolidate excellence standards where we operate.

Public Agencies

Municipal Governments, State Governments, Federal Institutions.


Pulp, Chemistry, Mining, Oil and Gas.

Other sectors

Municipal Governments, State Governments, Federal Institutions.

RHAMA’s solutions

Urban Waters

Integrated urban water management, urban drainage manual, urban drainage master plan, urban master plan, state sewerage and storm water plan, strategic infrastructure plan, reference term for urban drainage plan, Basic sanitation, rainwater management plan. Flood: evaluation of strategies, projects and control works, integrated management. Drainage: project evaluation, design, management.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental / hydrological evaluation of hydroelectric projects, evaluation of EIA-RIMA, study to evaluate the stability and safety conditions of dams, environmental studies for granting mining, emergency plans for SHPs.

Water Resources Management

Coastal and river navigation hydrological studies, management of surface water resources in industrial areas, hydroelectric inventory, emergency plan for reservoirs, diagnosis, management, management plan.

Climate and Hydrology

Hydroclimatic forecasting, macrodrainage study, availability and water sustainability study, flow forecasting, soil moisture forecasting.

Hydrological Modeling

Hydrological and hydrodynamic study for real estate projects, simulation of water quality in water bodies or basins, hydrodynamic simulation of changes in urban drainage network, hydrological simulation of climatic scenario in rivers, real-time flow forecasting system

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  • Integrated urban water management
  • Urban drainage master plan
  • Urban Master Plan
  • State Sanitation and Rainwater State Plan
  • Strategic Infrastructure Plan
  • Reference term for urban drainage plan
  • Reference term for basic sanitation plan
  • Rainwater management plan
  • Floods: evaluation of strategies, projects and control works, integrated management
  • Drainage: project evaluation, design, management

RHAMA Consulting, Research and Training

The company was created and is under the technical responsibility of Dr. Carlos E. M. Tucci, in addition to having a multidisciplinary team, made up of specialists from different areas. These professionals bring with them the experience to act in consulting, applied research and training at different levels.

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