RHAMA Consulting, Research and Training

The company was created and is under the technical responsibility of Dr. Carlos E. M. Tucci, in addition to having a multidisciplinary team, made up of specialists from different areas. These professionals bring with them the experience to act in consulting, applied research and training at different levels.

We develop environmental solutions, with emphasis on water resources.
RHAMA operates nationally and internationally, in different aspects related to the environment. Our main areas of focus are water resources management, risk management, integrated and strategic environmental assessment, simulation of hydrological and environmental processes, urban waters and floods. All this expertise is the result of a long period of activity in different segments, based on a continuous research process developed by our team.


Carlos E. M. Tucci

• PhD Water Resources (Colorado State University / 1978); MSc Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation (UFRGS / 1975); Civil Engineer (UFRGS / 1971).
• Owner and director of RHAMA Consultoria Ambiental Ltda.
• Retired titular professor of IPH / UFRGS and Feevale;
• Author of more than 300 scientific articles, books, book chapters.
• Consultant working in the last 35 years with companies and national and international entities such as: Unesco, World Bank, IDB, ANEEL, ANA, Itaipu, among others.
• It acts in Urban Waters, Water Systems Modeling, Water Resources Management, Water Systems Forecast and Alert, Water Management and Environment.
• Awarded in 2011 by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences


Rafael de Mello Tucci

Master in Design (Unisinos, 2016); Economist (UFRGS, 2008).

He acts in the strategic management of the company. One of its main activities is to work with the technical and commercial team in the mapping of new opportunities that can generate value for the company and its clients.

Selene Javimczik da Silva

Environmental Engineer (UFRGS, 2016).

She acts in project, people and processes management, following the entire operational cycle of the company and providing support to the commercial, technical and administrative areas.

Dante Larentis

PhD in Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation (IPH/UFRGS, 2009); Master in Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation (IPH/UFRGS, 2004); Civil Engineer (UFRGS, 2001)

He works in the area of ​​Civil Engineering, with emphasis in Hydrology, mainly hydrological simulation and water quality and water resources management. He has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and UNDP and for international cooperation.

Maria Assunção da Silva Dias

PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (Colorado State University, 1979, USA); Master in Atmospheric Sciences (Colorado State University, 1977. USA)

She works in the area of meteorology and geosciences, with experience mainly in biosphere-atmosphere interaction, observational studies of mesoscale convective systems, local circulations, interaction between scales, diagnostic studies and short-term weather forecasting.